Director Message

Raj Shree Mahila T.T College aspires to provide quality education and professional training to the global world. We believe in encouraging healthy competition among pupil teachers and polishing young mind through innovative practices. As we march forward we believe in value- based transformation to keep abreast with change. We accept technology as an integral part of our lives today.

We endeavor to build our pupil teacher in to integrated person. Helping them to walk in truth, simplicity and honesty as did Mahatma Gandhi. We strive to make our institution a dynamic entity.

We are staunch believers in all round nurturing of all pupil teacher. We provide a soil which is conducive for Excellence and achievement . We give them strong roots and wings to fly. Make them walk with kings and yet not lose the common touch.

Our aim to Create a good and Smart Teacher, …………….. Independent thinkers, inquirers problem solvers and decision makers who would make valuable contribution to the family school society and the world.

If you need a clear sense of direction then trust us for a bright future and shining career. We promise to take you further to let you achieve your goal. We are committed to your parents whose faith we carry. We will consider it our duty and will be proud to see you as smart active global teacher facing today’s challenges with your head held high with esteem.